Technical assistance

In order to support our suppliers, allies and collaborators in technical issues associated with of product quality guarantee, safety, reliability and continuity of shipments to be marketed or trade, Amyr offers the technical assistance services required to address the following needs:

Technical audits of asphalt production, storage and dispatch systems.

Definition of technical scopes for preventive, corrective and major maintenance of asphalt installations.

Planning, scheduling and supervision of maintenance management of asphalt storage and dispatch systems.

Operational technical assistance for asphalt loading and unloading maneuvers.

Construction management, in the case of major maintenance of asphalt storage tanks.

Technical and financial structuring of construction projects for new asphalt storage, treatment and dispatch facilities. It includes the activities of conceptualization and project feasibility, financing, engineering, procurement and construction management of the project.



Copyright @ AAMYR Trading Inc. 2023

Copyright @ AAMYR Trading Inc. 2023

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