The main service of AMYR Trading Company INC, focuses on the trading activities of energy commodities with emphasis on asphalt, heavy oil refinery products and coke, products in which it has technical expertise in terms of distribution and final uses in highway infrastructure and heavy  industrial sectors.

The main trading activities carried out by AMYR are the following:

Spot Trading

Involves the purchase and sale of asphalt, heavy oil refinery products or coke in the international spot market, for immediate delivery.

Long-Term Contracts

These are longer-term operations, in which a source (supplier) is identified for the signing of supply contracts with one or several end customers, under conditions pre-established by the parties.


Includes the identification, negotiation and contracting of transport facilities to facilitate commercialization operations.

Marketing Management

Activity whose purpose is to support the management of decision-making and contracting of products by our clients. Includes:

Market analysis: Evaluation of the factors that affect the price and conditions of supply and demand of the main commodities of our service offer.

Risk management: Analysis and management of the risks associated with the trading activity, such as the risk of price volatility and the risk of default by any counterparty.

Compliance: Analyze and ensure that trading activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

In some specific cases, we may participate in “Futures Trading”, “Options Trading”, “Spread Trading” “Arbitrage” and “Hedging” activities.



Copyright @ AAMYR Trading Inc. 2023

Copyright @ AAMYR Trading Inc. 2023

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